I have the opportunity to speak at 24 Hours of PASS:  Data Security and Data Quality on Wednesday, May 3rd.  My topic is entitled Outlier Detection with SQL and R.  My session begins at 12 PM Eastern (4 PM UTC), nestled between a couple of great speakers in Bob Pusateri and Robert Davis.

Here’s my abstract:

Forensic accountants and fraud examiners use a range of techniques to uncover fraudulent journal entries and illegal activities.  As data professionals, most of us will never unravel a Bernie Madoff scheme, but we can apply these same techniques in our own environments to uncover dirty data.  This session will use a combination of SQL Server and R to apply these fraud detection techniques, which include Benford’s Law, outlier analysis, time series analysis, and cohort analysis.

Webinar registration is free and easy, so sign up today.


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