This was quite a busy Summit…  My original plan was to write one PASS Summit-related post per day (hence the Wednesday through Friday gap last week), but too much time and not enough to do.

The good news is that PASS Summit just defined the next three months for me.


I already have several posts on Polybase, but this year’s Summit convinced me that I need to dig deeper into it.  Much deeper.  My plan is to have a comprehensive series on Polybase, covering not just on-prem Hadoop (like I’ve done so far), but also other experiences like HDInsight, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Data Warehouse.

Re-Introducing Hadoop

Barely two years ago, I wrote my Much Ado About Hadoop presentation and ran it through 2015.  Looking back at this talk, I still think it was a good intro for its time, but two years is huge in the Hadoop space.  For 2017, I plan to rebuild that talk and focus on a true overview.  I think it made sense to discuss the concepts behind MapReduce and Hive then, but today, I’m going to start with a higher-level overview of streaming and integration technologies which weren’t generally available at that point.

This series will probably run alongside my Polybase posts.

Driving User Group And SQL Saturday Attendance

Hi, I’m Kevin, and I’m terrible at marketing!  Despite that, I’m going to look for ways to engage people in the Raleigh-Durham community, getting the interested in going to local user groups (like the SQL Server User Group) and attending events (like SQL Saturday).  I picked up some great ideas talking to people at PASS Summit and I want to implement them.  In the course of this, the plan is to figure out good metrics and see what drives these metrics.  I also plan to dig through Andy Warren’s posts, as he is a font of knowledge.

This includes a two-pronged approach:  first, I want to reach out to DBAs and data engineers who either have never heard of the user group or who haven’t really given it much thought.  Second, I want to reach out to people who deal with SQL but don’t think of themselves as DBAs:  software developers, QA engineers, system administrators, etc.

Of course, if you have ideas, I absolutely want to hear them.


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