I recently wrapped up watching Riak Fundamentals, a course on Riak that Adron Hall put together in 2013.

I’d like to see more Riak content on Pluralsight, as this course wasn’t quite what I’d hoped.  I went into it hoping for a course which would give an intro to developing a simple Riak solution.  Instead, this course is a step or two removed from that.  It explains the concept of Riak (at least as it was in November of 2013) and some of the basic administrative commands and tools.

This wasn’t a bad course, but I’d really like to see something a bit more up to date, covering development and including concepts like effective use of CRDTs.

Incidentally, I did learn from this course that Riak was developed using Erlang, which is going to be helpful in a presentation I’m giving in a couple of weeks, so that’s cool.


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