No, I don’t mean the SQL Server community on Slack—although you should definitely join up there.

I have a client whose primary method of communication is Slack.  They have e-mail accounts, but hardly use them.  They also have no real monitoring solution in place, so I wanted to be able to do some quick checks and, in the event of an error, push a message to a Slack channel that they could monitor.

It turns out that there is already a Github repo for a CLR function to push a message out to Slack.  The folks at PowerupCloud have a nice step-by-step walkthrough on how they did it.  I wish they had continued the series on integrating further, particularly around SQL Agent alerts.  If you’re a paying Slack customer, you can integrate e-mail with Slack.  You could also throw Zapier into the mix and possibly get a free integration point.

If you want to avoid the external integration process, you can read the default trace or system health XE (about which I learned a lot from Ed Leighton-Dick’s presentation on the topic) and write calls to Slack based on results there.


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