Pluralsight Reviews: Scala

I recently had the chance to go through Justin Pihony’s Pluralsight course on Scala.  If you want to write Spark code using Scala, this is a good starter course.

The entire premise of the course is to write a relatively simple file searcher, but Justin takes you through the entire process, including getting build tools working, building (and automatically running) unit tests, and developing code to meet evolving requirements.

I particularly appreciated his introduction of FlatSpec and writing tests like the following:

"Matcher that is passed a file matching the filter" should
  "return a list with that file name" in{
    val matcher = new Matcher("fake", "fakePath")
    val results = matcher.execute()
    assert(results == List(("fakePath", None)))

I might never have learned about FlatSpec if it weren’t for this course, so I appreciate that.


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