Pluralsight Review: DBCC Commands

I’m taking a quick break from my Polybase series to pick back up on an older series:  Pluralsight course reviews.

This review is for Erin Stellato’s SQL Server:  Understanding and Using DBCC Commands.  It was a great introduction to various DBCC commands, although Erin points out a few times that she’s skipping the corruption-checking commands:  DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC CHECKTABLE, etc.  Instead, she covers approximately three dozen other commands, from DBCC HELP (a rather helpful command) to DBCC SHRINKFILE to DBCC CHECKIDENT.

Erin’s last module covers undocumented commands, including DBCC PAGE and DBCC IND.  She covers the safest undocumented commands, ones which don’t affect anything and aren’t going to break your system if you run them; these are also commands which, although unofficially undocumented, are well-enough known in the community that it makes sense to discuss them.

All in all, I highly recommend the course.  At a short 2 hours and 18 minutes (at normal speed…but nobody watches these at normal speed!), it’s something you can power through on a single plane ride or a few lunches.  Just don’t play with these commands in production.

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