TIL: I Stole A Presentation Title

I’m getting prepared for the Raleigh-Durham SQL Server Launch 2016 Discovery Day coming up this Saturday and working with the data set.  I’m not going to link the data set here (because I don’t want anybody getting any head starts), but through perusing it, I learned that my Much Ado About Hadoop talk is not the only talk by that name.  In fact, Jeremiah Peschka had a talk with exactly the same title in 2013, and one of the two places he presented it was at SQL Saturday #217 in Columbus, an event I attended.

At the time, I didn’t know anything about Hadoop and my name selection was completely unrelated, but I’m glad to see that great minds think alike.

Another couple of tidbits from this data set:

  1. There were 594 submissions which include “Hadoop,” “HDInsight,” or “Big Data” in the title.  I am responsible for 21 of these.  If you strip out “Big Data” and just use the other two terms, I am responsible for 21 out of 278, or 7.5%.
  2. 323 Hadoop/HDInsight/Big Data talks were selected, or 54% of submissions.  Stripping out Big Data, we have 164 out of 278, or 59%.  Maybe it pays to be more specific?
  3. 14 of my 21 submissions were selected, meaning that I am responsible for 8.5% of Hadoop/HDInsight talks at SQL Saturdays through approximately April of 2016.
  4. Looking just at Hadoop/HDInsight talks, here’s the year breakdown of selected session counts since 2012:  13, 37, 45, 54, 15 (again, through about April).  I’ve done 4 of the 15 Hadoop talks in 2016, and did 7 of the 54 in 2015.
  5. I am the only person in the data set with my combination of postal code, industry, and job function.  This means I can trace exactly where I’ve been…although it has me at 3 SQL Saturdays I never attended and is missing two that I did attend.  The three I didn’t attend were cases in which I submitted as a speaker but did not get selected, and was before the website handled this scenario gracefully; the two I attended were long ago and I probably didn’t register for them.

This is a pretty fun data set.  I’m looking forward to seeing what people can do with it.


One thought on “TIL: I Stole A Presentation Title

  1. Chris Voss says:

    I wish I’d seen this post before Discovery Day; even without cheating, us cheetahs could have been inspired with fresh ideas for our analysis! Still, it is a fun data set.

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