TIL: SQL Server 2003

I’m starting off my Today I Learned series with something I didn’t actually learn today.  Fantastic start…

We’re looking for database engineers (check out the posting if you’re interested!).  Today I reviewed one candidate’s resume, and I noticed “SQL Server 2003” on it.

There is no SQL Server 2003.  SQL Server 2003 was a pirated copy of SQL Server 2000 with a different splash screen.  If you put knowledge of SQL Server 2003 on your resume, you are telling me one of four things:

  1. You worked at a company which used pirated software.  Furthermore, you either didn’t know or didn’t care, neither of which is the type of thing you want to broadcast during an interview for a job focused around that product.
  2. You have confused SQL Server versions with Windows Server versions.
  3. You are grabbing bad information from the Internet and passing it off as your own experience.
  4. You aren’t proofreading your resume.

In short, if you put SQL Server 2003 on your resume, it is a negative signal.  I’ll bring it up during the interview, just in case some unscrupulous recruiter “fixed up” your resume, but if you’re the one who put it in there, that’s a huge black mark in my book.


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