Cleveland gets their White Whale, sort of. Only, instead of hunting the whale, they just kinda waited until he died of natural causes and washed up ashore. That counts as “getting” the whale, right?

In all seriousness, I actually really like this deal. While RG3 hasn’t been good in a long time, part of that was Washington actively trying to screw him over in favor of notable quarterbacking superstar Kirk Cousins. If NFL games weren’t televised, I’m pretty sure Jay Gruden would have just gone after RG3 with a tire iron. He still might have. All those knee injuries do seem mighty suspicious.

Long story short, it’s a smart move for a QB that gives us something different than Josh McCown, Austin Davis, or Connor Shaw. If he and Josh Gordon figure out their old magic from their Baylor days, it could be something special. It could also be a horrifying trainwreck, but it’s an inexpensive trainwreck. I’m also pretty sure Cleveland will still draft Goff or Lynch with the #2 pick, but we shall see, my friends.


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