I think we have to assume that Paul DePodesta or someone else in the Browns front office is a devotee of this blog, because they filled two important holes today after I put them in my list of positions we need to fill.

First, Cleveland signed Demario Davis, an ILB. Davis is going to pair with Christian Kirksey, as Craig Robertson is a free agent and Cleveland released Karlos Dansby in order to free up cap space. Robertson could come back, but even if he doesn’t, this is a clear upgrade. Cleveland got much younger and more athletic, and Dansby isn’t likely to play much longer anyway. A smart rebuilding team makes these kind of moves.

The other move is signing safety Rahim Moore. It’s not as clear a slam dunk because it’s a one year deal (Davis’s deal is two years) and because Moore was recently injured. He’s also questionable in run support. However, Cleveland does need safeties, and Moore is supposed to be a pretty decent coverage safety.

I didn’t mention the best move of all yet — cutting Dwayne Bowe! (See the Dansby link for details). Bowe was the proverbial We Must Do Something move last year, but he never played and cost a whole bunch of money. Addition by subtraction.

I’ll assume my check is in the mail, guys.

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