No more Flip :(

Hue Jackson decided to retain special teams coach Chris Tabor (yay!), but since he is calling his own plays, decided not to have an offensive coordinator. That means the Coach Flip (FLIPFLIPFLIPFLIP) era is now over. If Minnesota approves, we’ll have our running back coach too.

For defensive coordinator, the situation is murkier. Terry Pluto reports that Jackson wants old DC Ray Horton back.  I think that’s a mistake; he’s never been especially impressive in the role. ran a segment on other possible choices. I love the idea of adding Leslie Frazier or Jim Schwartz, both of whom ran successful defenses in the past. Maybe we can still get Matt Patricia if he becomes an assistant head coach?

Another important role to fill is QB coach. One possibility is Pep Hamilton, who had a hand in developing Andrew Luck. Of course, we need to find a QB too. I think we’ll be looking very hard at Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch in the draft.


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