Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr. Full voting results are at Baseball Reference, and paint an interesting picture. To whit:

— Bagwell has 71.6% of the vote, while Tim Raines has 69.8% and Trevor Hoffman has 67.3%. One or all of them could make the Hall next year. There’s one obvious first ballot guy in 2017 (Ivan Rodriguez) and another who should get in but probably won’t because of his positive PED test (Manny Ramirez). Early prediction: Pudge, Raines, and Bagwell get elected next year, with the possibility of Hoffman.

— Every other first timer is off the ballot except Billy Wagner, who got 10% of the vote. Also gone are Alan Trammell and Mark McGwire, who hit their 15 and 10 year marks, respectively.

— Schilling got a huge bump to be over 50%, which means he’ll probably get in some day. Bonds and Clemens broke 40%, as did Edgar Martinez and Moose. Those are good totals, and none of them have been on the ballot for long, so they should get in eventually.

— Two different human beings thought that David Eckstein deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. That’s one more than Garrett Anderson and one less than Mike Sweeney, both of whom were vastly superior players.

— With the 10 year limit, I don’t think Fred McGriff or Larry Walker will get in. I think that’s fair: both players were very good, but neither were slam dunk cases, and they’ll get some attention from the Veterans Committee.

— Griffey was only left off of three ballots. The three guys who didn’t pick him haven’t made their ballots public because they are cowards.


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