I have been pleased, by and large, with Johnny Manziel’s performance on the field, but now he’s totally vanished from the face of the earth after he was supposed to make a mandatory appearance at the Browns’ medical facility for his concussion progress. Peter King, meanwhile, says that Manziel really wants to play for Dallas. 

At this point, I’m no longer willing to put up with his talents on the field. I don’t know if he’s the raging alcoholic everybody assumes or just an idiot kid with way too much money and not enough brains (both are equally possible). If the Browns draft a QB in the first round (we’re #2 overall, and the Titans just drafted Mariota, who isn’t a moron), I think I would be okay with that. Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch seem like the two best choices in this draft; Goff is more polished, but Lynch probably has more upside. CBS Sports has Cleveland taking Goff.

In other Browns news, Dawgs by Nature posted a helpful flowchart and explained how the Browns organization will work now. Basically, the biggest concern now is that nobody will want to be Cleveland’s GM, because Sashi Brown will have the final say over roster decisions. The GM will basically be a glorified scout, so teams can easily block anybody from interviewing for the position. I hope this Brown guy is at least willing to listen to somebody who knows football, or it will be another long season in 2016.


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