This year was my breakout year for presenting.  Here’s a quick look by the numbers.

User Group Meetings

I presented at the following user group meetings this year:

  1. TriNUG Data SIG, January 21st.
  2. TriPASS, March 17th.
  3. Lynchburg SQL Server User Group, March 26th.
  4. TriNUG Data SIG, April 22nd.
  5. F#/Analytics SIG, July 28th.
  6. TriNUG lightning talk, December 9th.
  7. TriPASS, December 15th.

SQL Saturdays

I presented at the following SQL Saturdays this year:

  1. Cleveland, February 7th.
  2. Tampa, February 28th.
  3. Richmond, March 21st.
  4. Jacksonville, May 9th.
  5. Rochester, May 16th.
  6. Nova Scotia, June 8th.
  7. Chattanooga, June 27th.
  8. Columbus, July 11th.
  9. Indianapolis, August 8th.
  10. Omaha, August 15th.
  11. Pittsburgh, October 3rd.
  12. Raleigh, October 10th.  — Yeah, I didn’t technically present here, but I ran it, so I’m counting it!
  13. Charlotte, October 17th.


I participated in my first podcast this year, when Carlos Chacon interviewed me for the SQL Data Partners podcast.


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