Not too long ago, I was using ScriptSafe selectively to block Javascript on webpages.  Back in about June, that started breaking Google searches, and I had to abandon it—which makes sense because it looks like ScriptSafe itself has been abandoned.  Since then, I’ve come upon my new Javascript blocker of choice:  uMatrix.  uMatrix is definitely more advanced and fine-grained than ScriptSafe, but I think it succeeds on its premise a bit better.

One of the things uMatrix does out of the box is allow first-party Javascript to run.  This means that fewer sites will be broken-by-default.  You also get the chance to enable or disable Javascript by domain.  This means that I can enable scripts when I’m using GMail, but I don’t need to open myself up when I’m on an external site.  The matrix concept took a little bit of time getting used to, but I don’t think I want to go back.  uMatrix can also block images, CSS files, plugins, scripts, and iframes from certain domains, meaning that you can let images through a third-party domain but block scripts.  That isn’t really as useful as it seems, but it’s a nice concept.

Also nice is that there’s support in Firefox and Chrome, meaning that I can get the same experience across both browsers.  No IE/Edge support, though.


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