Visual Studio Database Test Extensions

I introduced a new project last night:  Visual Studio Database Test Extensions, or VSDBTestExtensions.  You can get the code from Github.

What Is This?

The short version of this project is that it makes Visual Studio database test projects a little bit better, making it easier to compare result sets.  This is very helpful when refactoring code, testing different versions of procedures for performance problems, or testing procedures on databases in which the underlying data changes regularly and you can’t hard-code scalar values or use the sadly terrible checksum test option.

How Do I Use It?

Installation instructions are available in the readme file.  Setting up database tests is pretty straightforward, and you’ll know you’ve succeeded if you see a few extra options in Visual Studio:


You need to have SQL Server Data Tools installed on your machine as well as Visual Studio in order for this to work.

How Do I Contribute?

This code is open source and I accept pull requests.  I’ll clean up the code, tidy up the documentation, and try to make it a bit nicer over the next few days, but I want to get the product out right now, even if it isn’t quite perfect.  I consider it practically feature-complete, at least for version 1.0.  I’ll gladly accept questions and feedback on additional tests to add, and there are a couple of issues I need to fix.  I’m also going to look at a way of making it a little easier to install, and I probably need to put together a real signed certificate.


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