I got the chance to attend FreeCon 2015, put on by Brent Ozar and Kendra Little.  This was worth every penny (and probably more, considering it was free…).  Brent and Kendra did a great job driving conversation, but the crowd of people was fantastic.  I now have a new set of people to look out for at PASS Summit and a slew of new ideas.

One of the more out-there ideas was trying to put together a Daring Fireball or Instapundit style blog which is full of links to outstanding and interesting articles in the SQL Server world.  This struck my fancy, so I’ve decided to purchase CuratedSQL.com and plan to put together something relatively small, at least at first.  My plan is a minimalist blog with regular, frequent updates, especially as I see interesting articles.  Expect more after I set up the domain and start populating it.  I also set up @CuratedSQL on Twitter.

Aside from that, I fleshed out some additional blogging ideas and picked up some tips on video equipment.  I plan eventually to do videos, and the better equipment will help when I do virtual chapter meetings next year.

This is why I go to PASS Summit:  to get a list of awesome stuff that will completely destroy my spare time over the next year…


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