I am off to PASS Summit 2015.  PASS Summit is the biggest SQL Server event.  Between top-notch speakers, David DeWitt’s keynotes, and 5000 other industry specialists, this is the place to be.

This is my first PASS Summit in Seattle, and my second Summit; I attended the 2013 edition in Charlotte.  Because I’m getting more active in the community, I decided to volunteer for PASS Summit, and I’ll be walking around directing people on Wednesday and Thursday morning.  This means foregoing a couple of sessions, but I think that’s worth it.

My expectation is that SQL Server 2016 CTP 3 will be released during Summit, and as soon as I get my hands on it, I plan to play with its R support.  I’m planning to blog my experiences at PASS Summit this year, so all of my posts this week will be Summit-related, at least until Saturday.


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