Not too long ago, I talked about the talks I plan to give in 2016.  This post covers most of the talks I want to do, but there are three more that are on my list, all R-related.  There are some talks popping up at SQL Saturdays about R, and I think that’s awesome.  I want to get in on that bandwagon, too, and here are my contributions.  I’m definitely going to need to punch up the abstracts but this at least covers the core concepts.

  • R For the SQL Server Developer (beginner).  R is the premiere language for data analysis.  If the world of data science sounds fun and exciting, now is the time to get into R.  We will walk through the core constructs of R, learn how to retrieve data from flat files and databases, and get a peek at the power behind R.  This session will also give resources on where to go in order to become more familiar with statistics, R the language, and the R package ecosystem.
  • Data Analysis Using R And SQL Server (intermediate).  You know the basics of R but want to see exactly how powerful it can be.  This talk will walk through obtaining, modeling, and analyzing data from various sources and show off how we can incorporate R with SQL Server to turn data models and predicative analytics results into application reality.
  • R In SQL Server 2016 (beginner).  With its purchase of Revolution Analytics, Microsoft has jumped into the world of R.  This is already bearing fruit in SQL Server 2016, as we now have integrated support for running R code on your SQL Server.  This talk will walk through installation, configuration, and use of R on a server hosting SQL Server 2016, emphasizing the work database administrators will need to do for installation and maintenance.

Because most of my talks tend to be developer-centric, I really wanted to include that third talk and give database administrators some love.


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