It turns out that the HDInsight emulator does not like it when your Windows account has a space in it.  What happens is that you’ll end up getting “Error 1067:  The process terminated unexpectedly” when you try to start up services.

There is a good thread which gets to the root of the problem.  In my case, the problem is that I created a username with a space in it.  When the various XML files were created, they took my username as-is, and so the command line commands choked because there was an unexpected space.

The fix I did was to create a second account without any spaces and then I renamed the user account in various XML files.  The easiest way to find the XML files you need to modify is by using Powershell:

cd C:\hdp\
Get-ChildItem *.xml -Recurse | Select-String "YOUR USERNAME" | Format-Table -GroupBy Path

After you replace the string with your username, you’ll get back the list of XML files you need to edit.

You probably also want to make sure that you set the hadoop account password and then make it so that the account does not expire.  To do that, run a command prompt in administrator mode and run the following WMI command:

wmic USERACCOUNT WHERE "Name='hadoop'" set PasswordExpires=FALSE

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