Not too long ago, I decided to start blogging regularly once more.  In order to do this, I want to have a tool which allows me to write blog posts offline.  The WordPress editor is fine when you’re online, but sometimes I’ll be on an airplane or in a location without ready Internet access.  When I started researching blog editors, I landed on Windows Live Writer.  Although the product is in a dormant state, it’s still popular and for good reason.  It integrates with a number of services, gives you a pretty good idea of how your blog posts will look, lets you add images and links extremely easily (even easier than WordPress’s editor does), has seamless publishing, and lets you work offline.  It also lets you use one interface to publish against different blogs, although I only have this blog and so that benefit doesn’t do too much for me.

The biggest problem with Windows Live Writer is finding a working download link.  The Hanselman link above has it, but I also want to include the Windows Live Writer download link here.  I’ve confirmed that it works just fine with Windows 10.

I might look for something that works well with Android and Linux when I’m using tablets or laptops running those operating systems, but at least I have a workable product with my Windows tablet.


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