With a satisfying demolishing of the Miami Dolphins, the Bills are now at 2-1.  Here are a few thoughts on the team thus far:
– Tyrod Taylor has been as good as the Bills could hope. He did well enough in week one, came back from a disappointing start to end up with a respectable but not great game against the Patriots, and then dominated the Dolphins. I’m not jumping to conclusions with him, but his start is definitely exciting for Bills fans, and good enough for the Bills brass to trade away Matt Cassel.
– The defense has been very good. They suffered against the Patriots, but to be honest, but Tom Brady hit iddqd before the season began. They have shut down Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill.
– Karlos Williams is out-performing LeSean McCoy. This is partially because Williams is doing pretty well, but McCoy has struggled. There are rumors that McCoy has a hamstring problem, but whatever it is, he’s not moving the ball like he needs to.
– Charles Clay has 2 TDs, but he has not been the impact player you want given his salary. Percy Harvin, however, has been fantastic in his role.

The Bills could realistically come in at 5-3 or maybe 6-2 when they get to their bye week. The chances of them winning the division is minimal, but if Taylor continues to throw like he has, the Bills have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs for the first time this millennium.


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