I haven’t posted lately to this blog.  I am remiss in not doing so, but I have been looking at a jam-packed schedule lately.  Here’s a quick summary of big events.

Speaking and Conferences

Right now, I’m in Louisville, Kentucky for Derbycon.  This is year #5 of the event, and my 4th appearance.  Right after that, I’m going to be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 3rd for SQL Saturday Pittsburgh.  At that event, I’ll give my talk on the APPLY operator bright and early.  The week after that, I’m going to host SQL Saturday Raleigh.  I won’t present there, but I’ll be running around all day, as I’m the volunteer coordinator and the event coordinator.  Then, the following week, I’m going to SQL Saturday Charlotte.  This time, I’m giving my Hadoop talk, starting at 11:30 AM.

That will be my last SQL Saturday until at least December, but October has a couple of big events left in store for me.  On Monday, October 26th, I’m going to be in Seattle, Washington for FreeCon, put on by Brent Ozar and Kendra Little.  I’m seriously excited about this, as it’s a small group of really passionate data people getting together and talking about ways to do what we do even better.  After that, I’m spending the rest of the week at PASS Summit, which is spring break for database people.

That’s my last event for a while, but it’ll probably take me a few weeks to recover.

SQL Saturday Raleigh

As I mentioned, I’m heading up SQL Saturday Raleigh.  I’m fortunate to have a great team of people working with me, but this is a huge time sink.  I knew it was a lot of time last year, but this year, I have so many other things going on that it’s hard to juggle everything.  Nevertheless, I think we’re going to put on a great event and I don’t plan to lose any hair because of it…


The next bit of big news is that I’m now the chapter leader for TriPASS, the Raleigh-Durham chapter of PASS.  I’m going to be filling some big, big shoes and I know it’s a long-term commitment.  When I started speaking to groups, I decided that I wanted to do as much as I could for the community, and I think that this is a good way of doing that.

If you happen to be in the Raleigh-Durham area on the third Tuesday of the month, we’d love to have you out.  We’re also looking for speakers.


I’ve picked up my first consulting client.  When I started Catallaxy Services, I wanted to grow the company into a full-time consulting company focusing on small businesses.  At this point, I’m not positive that this is the path I really want to take, but I will admit that it’s fun to look at a new code base and tackle some new problems every once in a while.

If you’re interested in talking about some light consulting work, my details are on the company site.


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