While Kevin is in Louisville, I have been in Dayton. I was invited to give a lecture on Russia’s fleet performance in World War I, and I enjoyed the experience. I also got to stick around for the Phi Alpha Theta induction; it was gratifying to see they had a ceremony and food and everything (but mostly food). Campus has changed a lot — it’s much greener, with some ugly buildings being removed. Dayton has assimilated the NCR Building into the university as well (which is for National Cash Register, not the New California Republic). I got to stay at a hotel for free and even had a patio that I never used.

Tomorrow (that is, Friday), I’m driving up to Columbus via rental to visit with a friend of mine from high school, then it’s off to visit other family and friends in the Cleveland area before I return on Monday.

History rarely pays well, but sometimes the perks ain’t bad.

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