One thing that has not, sadly, changed from 15 is that it’s practically impossible to get stats from your defensive players commensurate with the top players in the NFL. While the offensive stats are realistic, the defensive ones are not — specifically things like number of tackles. The reason? The stats are generated based on 15 minute quarters with no accelerated clock. Thus, the #1 tackling linebacker in the NFL has twice as many downs played as Karlos Dansby. The fact my offense is pretty good at sucking up the clock probably doesn’t help either. Dansby should lead the NFL in tackles for loss with 15, over double those of J.J. Watt, but sadly the game does not recognize Dansby. It won’t hurt your team in a significant way, of course. They’ll still develop, but they probably won’t win many awards. I don’t know if EA will ever introduce proper stat scaling; it strikes me as fairly easy to fix, but what do I know? I’m no programmer.

There is one somewhat irritating bug I have discovered: 99% of players categorically refuse to re-sign during the season, no matter how much you offer them. I offered a backup guard three times what he was asking (which was 1.5 million a year for three years, but hey, he wanted the minimum…) and he refused. Some research on the interwebz suggests that in the offseason, players are more reasonable and will sign as they are supposed to. One thing I do find troubling is that Tashaun Gipson won’t even talk to me at this point in the season, although his contract is up and as a 91 free safety, I would dearly like to keep him in Cleveland. He doesn’t appear in my re-sign list at all.

I will keep you, loyal readers, apprised as I play through the season. I am off to a 5-0 start, but I face the Broncos next, the first truly elite offense I’ve run into.


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