As we all know, EA has a compulsion to tweak scouting every season. This year, it’s finally solid, I think. It’s simple: you get 175 points every week, starting in Week 2 (maybe Week 3). For a total of 30 points (5/10/15) you unlock their top three skills. Once you get those, the game tells you the round his talent suggests he should be drafted in. It does not include physical skills — you get reports on that in the combine at the end of the season. So, for example, I’m looking at tight ends in the draft. I found a fourth rounder who fits my scheme and has B or B+ in catching, catch in traffic, spectacular catch. The game regraded him (but only for me) saying that he is a third round talent.

I’ll have more when I finish my first season.

One other thought: I think this is the year All-Pro is finally too hard for me (or, perhaps, too hard for the Browns). I won my first game on All-Pro, but it was ugly (lots of turnovers). I dropped down to pro and, while they’ve all been competitive, the turnovers are much lower and it’s far less frustrating. I don’t even want to think about All-Madden.

One other other thought: The stats are much more realistic, on the whole, in Madden than they have been in years past. I think they are finally scaling the season to your chosen time scale (i.e. 10 minute quarters for me). No longer do they expect you to get 150 tackles with every defensive player and the head coach’s golden retriever. The goals are better as a result. Sometimes the dynamic drive system is a little annoying: “You need to get three consecutive passes to your #4 receiver or you’ll cause a singularity!” (slight exaggeration) However, I think it’s a great system, and does force me to consider my offense carefully.


4 thoughts on “Scouting in Madden 16

  1. You are the most compelling force pushing me toward purchasing an Xbox One or Playstation 4.

    Although I’d rather wait for prices to drop and to make sure there are no game killer bugs.

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