I already gave you general impressions of the game, now let’s talk Franchise Mode.

— The drive goals aren’t always sensible, but they do evolve over time. In my first regular season game against the Jets (which, I don’t mind saying, I ragequit), I originally had goals like “throw a touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe” that later morphed into “don’t throw an interception.” This was, oh, four interceptions in, I think? Out of six?

— Game prep seems to be seriously nerfed in Madden 16. It used to be a great way to boost your team, or to target certain players in an effort to make them better. It now seems to be primarily geared towards confidence. I’m okay with that, actually. The XP awards also seem to be smaller in general, but again, it prevents you from making superteams overnight.

— The UI is streamlined, but there are still some franchise features missing. No renegotiating contracts, for example. When a player rejects your resigning offer, you don’t get as much feedback as you might like, and some players won’t even talk to you. The latter is great — I like the idea — but not knowing why your guy won’t re-sign is a little irritating.

— It’s harder to throw with a bad QB than in past Maddens. The impartial part of me, again, has no issue with this, but it’s more frustrating than normal to build up a bad team when QBs miss wide open receivers, or underthrow them, or throw to the wrong receiver (that last is a rarity, thankfully). It’s helpful that Manziel has good short accuracy, but he also doesn’t have the receivers to get YAC either. I need to get better at throwing the ball away or running with it, I think. Throws that I made easily in 15 just aren’t quite working in 16. Then again, it could be the Jets (seriously, fuck you, Revis Island).

I need to play some more to get a true sense of Franchise mode, especially scouting. I’ll have more as it develops!

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