A few random thoughts (to prove I’m still alive)

I’ve been writing like a fiend at this stage to get this dissertation done, but I’ve still had some time for gaming, mostly PS4 at this point. I finished Infamous Second Son, getting my platinum for that. I liked it, particularly the innovative Paper Trail DLC, but I liked Cole better as a character. It seemed harder as an Evil character until you got the Video powers. “Evil” Deslin was more of a dick than he was genuinely a super villain (until the very end).

Right now, I’m playing through Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, in which you are an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the Hong Kong triads. It’s a GTA clone, but there’s a different sense to it. It takes itself pretty seriously, more so than Saints Row, for example. You can’t be a maniac, most of the time, because you’re a cop. I do like it, except for the cheap ass bike races.

After I finish with that, I’m not sure. I spent a lot of time in front of the PC to write, so I don’t like playing PC games as much these days, but I’ve got a pretty good backlog of stuff there. I have three other PS4 games, but one is the Last of Us and I’m not sure I could play that again. Watch_Dogs is something I’d like to finish, for sure, and I have Shadow of Mordor too. I’m also watching Red vs. Blue again on Netflix to pass the time.

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