Buffalo’s Draft

Stunk.  Nobody liked it.

Getting a little deeper, Ronald Darby has the skills to be a quality cornerback.  He has elite top-end speed and vertical reach, meaning he can stack up against tall and fast wide receivers.  He has good potential, and if he lives up to expectations, Darby and Stephon Gilmore are a lockdown pair.

Buffalo then selected a left guard, mauler John Miller.  The Bills can use a good guard, having a weak interior offensive line.  I’m not sure Miller will be a big improvement, though.

Karlos Williams fell to the 5th round, but he could be intriguing.  Of course, Buffalo currently has 4 running backs, including having traded for McCoy and Bryce Brown from the Eagles over the past year.  My expectation is that Brown is gone.

Tony Steward is a special teams linebacker, nothing more.  Nick O’Leary might become a backup tight end or fullback.  This fits Greg Roman’s “H-Backs Everywhere!” scheme.  Finally, Dezmin Lewis was a 4th-5th round projection who fell to the 7th.  He’s tall, so that’s good.

Overall, Buffalo had few draft picks and it’s not obvious that they greatly improved anywhere.  I don’t think that they did horribly, necessarily, but this is not the type of draft the Bills need to get them over the hump.

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