Day three of the draft for Cleveland

I already covered the first two days of the draft; let’s wrap this up!

Our first pick in the fourth round went to DB Ibraheim Campbell. Based on Tom Reed’s report, he sounds like more of a safety than a cornerback, with good tackling skill but weak in coverage. Our second fourth rounder went to a wide receiver, Vince Mayle. Mayle’s more of a possession guy, at least for now, but scouts seem optimistic he could be more than that.

Charles Gaines, chosen in the sixth round, has some off-field issues but apparently showed tremendous growth of character. Gaines isn’t the ideal height for a corner, but he has experience as a wide out, which means he should have good hands. He’s very bright, so he could fill in the depth chart nicely. The next choice was Malcolm Johnson, a TE but most likely an NFL H-back. The NFL’s website had nothing other than height and weight; he apparently did not attend the combine. Dawgs By Nature has a little more, but not much. We’ll have to give him an incomplete for now. A trade with Arizona (to move down in the fourth round) bought Cleveland another fourth rounder, plus a sixth and seventh. That third sixth turned into another TE, Randall Telfer. He’s a blocker first and receiver second; that still has a lot of value in a run heavy offense, and for a sixth rounder, it’s great value.

A pair of defensive players rounded out the Cleveland draft in the seventh round. Hayes Pullard is an athletic linebacker who sometimes act lazy. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Cleveland’s last pick, is an extremely talented cornerback with serious injury issues. doesn’t like his technique, but he could be a real star with some luck.

Overall, Cleveland addressed the team’s most glaring issues, didn’t add yet another QB, and made smart, safe picks in the early rounds. CBS thinks very highly of the class, and so do I. I’m looking forward to next season, to seeing how the new guys integrate with the veterans.

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