Cleveland got two selections in the third round as well; I am somewhat less sanguine about those. First was Duke Johnson, a running back. Cleveland has two great running backs already; Johnson, however, is more of a pure speed guy/receiver. A poor man’s Reggie Bush, maybe. This line makes me a little optimistic: ” He’s perfectly suited for a role as a zone-scheme back.” Gee, like Cleveland’s offense!

Xavier Cooper, the last pick in the third round (which Cleveland got in another trade), is another DT, but he’s the anti-Danny Shelton: a pass rusher who happens to play at tackle. I could see him moving to the outside, maybe.

I really wanted to see Cleveland grab a wide out or tight end; they still have two fourth rounders, so maybe that’ll get addressed tomorrow, but I overall do like the direction they’ve taken in the draft. I’m just not enthusiastic about Johnson or Cooper… yet.


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