As I learned from the AV Club, Video Games are getting their very own Hall of Fame (as part of the National Toy Museum in Rochester, NY. There are fifteen nominees. Although the balloting process is not clear, AV Club says that the panel will be composed of “journalists, scholars, and other video game experts.” The first class is:


Space Invaders


Oregon Trail


Super Mario Bros.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The Sims


FIFA Soccer

The Legend Of Zelda


World Of Warcraft

Angry Birds


There are fourteen games with legitimate credentials (and FIFA Soccer). Let’s assume, for the moment, there will be five nominees. I think four are very clear, right off the bat: Pong, Tetris, Pac-Man, and Super Mario Bros. All four are enduring classics, which have been carried up to the present day. The fifth choice is a tough one: Space Invaders seems a safe bet, but I think we’ll get one relatively new franchise. The poll on the Strong Museum’s website has The Sims leading the way with, as of this post, more than 50% of the vote. Personally (assuming this is not a one-time deal, and that entries can be nominated more than once), I think either Legend of Zelda or, especially, Pokemon is a better bet for spot #5.


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