Why I’m rooting for at least one Yankee this season

That Alex Rodriguez is, over the first week of the season, clearly the best hitter on the Yankees delights me. What takes it over the top is that Barry Bonds is pulling for him to hit #660.

I really think this whole PED nonsense is malarkey. Malarkey, I say! I’ve even specifically addressed A-Rod and PEDs in the past. In any case, that Bonds is trying to convince the world that A-Rod isn’t a bad guy is hilarious.

The Yankees, who didn’t have the balls to simply cut him (if his PED usage was so horrific), are still sanctimonious pricks about the whole thing, claiming they’ll deny him his $6 million bonus if he passes Willie Mays this year (which he almost certainly will.)

What actually makes me happiest is the simple fact that, a guy like A-Rod, one of the best hitters ever, missed a full season of baseball and hasn’t missed a step. Yes, it’s six games, but still, that’s extremely impressive.

To everyone else on my enemies list: in 2008, I removed Alex Rodriguez from my list, the first and only time I’ve done that. If you want extremely delayed questionably sustainable performance, well, you know what to do.

The fee is $100,000 minimum, depending on your level of enemy-ness. (Sun, if you want off the list, the price starts at $1 million.)

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