Rob Housler is a tight end and he is tall. He is also a Brown. He was never a featured part of Arizona’s offense, only caught 40+ passes, and is 6’5″. Guess which number matters to most people?

He’s cheap. That’s about the nicest thing I can say about him. i have no real opinion on him as a pass catcher.

On to QBs: ESPN suggests that the talk of flipping #19 overall for Bradford is blowing smoke. I don’t want Sam Bradford at the cost of a first rounder. Dawgs By Nature reported that Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is thinking the Browns will swap both first rounders for Mariota. This is stupid. Very stupid. I am furious that this conversation is even out there. Mariota is a bigger Johnny Manziel without off-field issues… and has almost never taken steps under center. If we hadn’t taken Manziel last year? Sure, let’s go for Mariota. I am not giving up what would be, at a minimum, three first rounders. If he falls to #12? Let’s take him. Otherwise? Play with the hand you’re dealt this season and see if next year’s QB class is better.


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