Here are the picks!

Here’s what Cleveland’s draft picks look like, courtesy of ESPN.

First round: 12th overall selection

First round: 19th overall selection

Second round: 43rd overall selection

Third round: 77th overall selection

Fourth round: 111th overall selection

Fourth round: 115th overall selection

Fifth round: 147th overall selection

Sixth round: 188th overall selection

Sixth round: 201st overall selections

Seventh round: 229th overall selection

That is a pretty solid collection of picks. Reportedly, Cleveland’s supposed to lose a pick because of TextGate (but as of February, we’ve heard nothing.)

My ideal scenario is picking up a wide receiver/tight end and either an interior offensive lineman or a nose tackle in the first round. Alex Mack can (and probably will) opt out of his deal after next season, and assuming he doesn’t re-sign, we need more depth at the position. We need a playmaking receiver/tight end as well.

Other positions we could use: pass rusher, more DBs, depth at the offensive and defensive lines, a scatback who can catch passes (I’m thinking Brian Westbrook or Darren Sproles type). The weird thing is that Cleveland has a lot of talented players, and I’m not sure the draft offers much in the way of desperate needs other than the lines and wide receiver/tight end. If the Browns drafted a project QB with, say, a 4th rounder, I suppose I could live with that. I’m also curious to see if Cleveland (seriously) drafts a kicker in the 6th round. Last year’s experiment was a dismal failure and we can use some upgrades there.

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