Terry Pluto on the panoply of receivers Cleveland’s collected:

Can we start with this fact? You can’t re-do the 2014 draft. We can moan about how the Browns had a chance to draft several talented receivers, but didn’t.

We can talk about how General Manager Ray Farmer appears to have taken two big swings and missed in the first round with Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel. We can fall into the usual “Let’s eat dirt and die” thinking about the Browns.

But how can there be any serious criticism of adding Bowe and Hartline?

They cost the Browns nothing in terms of talent or draft choices. The final guaranteed numbers on the two-year deals signed by Hartline and Bowe have not been madepublic. Hartline’s overall deal is $6 million for two years.

The contracts are modest for a team with massive salary cap room.

Word, Terry. Word.


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