In which Cleveland sports media proves they’ve learned nothing

Johnny Manziel. Heard of him, right? He of the seven quarters of suck? Well, many people have decided seven quarters are seven too many and want Cleveland to trade up and draft Marcus Mariota of Oregon.

Here is my two word response: Fuck. No.

Cleveland is not a Super Bowl team which lacks a QB. It is a decent team that is still a year away from, in my estimation, legitimate contention. I don’t know that we’d go 8-8 this year, since our schedule seems much tougher. But, it’s possible.

Of all people, Jeremy Fowler on ESPN is the voice of reason.

4. Do the best you can with Josh McCown, Johnny Manziel, and possibly Bryce Petty while loading up for 2016.

That last option won’t be attractive for Browns fans, but it enables the team to the complete the roster overhaul then comb what’s considered a good 2016 quarterback stable. Michigan State’s Connor Cook, Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg and Ohio State’s Cardale Jones should be available. This gives the Browns one more chance to see the Manziel project through.

Please, Cleveland. Listen to Jeremy Fowler.


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