Buffalo has offered a small country to Charles Clay, setting him up a 5-year, $38 million offer with $20 million guaranteed.  Clay signed the offer, and now the Dolphins have 5 days to match.

Buffalo’s strategy looks to be overpaying for a good pass-catching tight end.  If they didn’t offer a lot, the Dolphins could keep him around, but with this offer, there’s almost no way Miami can match, especially after signing Jordan Cameron.

I’m generally in favor of this deal.  Buffalo has needed a receiving tight end for years, and this now gives whichever quarterback gets the reins a number of short- and intermediate-range options in Shady McCoy, Clay (if the Dolphins do not match), Percy Harvin, Sammy Watkins, and Bryce Brown.  If the offensive line can hold long enough for a quarterback to get the ball out, somebody should be open.  Last year, the team didn’t have many offensive options outside of Watkins, as CJ Spiller was completely mishandled, Scott Chandler’s talents as a tight end begin and end with “is really tall,” and the rest of the wide receivers were somewhere between “meh” (Chris Hogan, Robert Woods) and awful (Mike Williams).


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