Meaningful moves! Meaningful moves!

Finally, Cleveland signed two quality free agents today: DT Randy Starks and CB Tramon Williams.

Starks is a very solid defensive end, possible DT (although he’d be smaller than I’d like for a nose tackle). He’s provided consistent production throughout his career, and best of all, has been very healthy. A good choice with good value.

Williams is an even better pickup. He’s had double digit passes defensed every single season except his rookie season, has been very durable, and gets quite a few tackles for a DB. He would be an excellent #2, provided they don’t trust Gilbert, or a stellar nickelback, if they do.

Now, about that offense… Jeremy Fowler makes some good points and pushes for Cleveland to sign Dwayne Bowe. I look at Bowe’s stats and ask myself the following question: What does he have that Brian Hartline doesn’t?

In his entire career, Bowe has had one outstanding season (2010), two good ones (2011 and 2008), and the rest have been mediocre to decent. Bowe isn’t a number one guy and hasn’t been for three years. He’d be a nice depth signing, but he’s not the playmaker everyone makes him out to be. I have the feeling Cleveland will target receiver and/or tight end in the draft. I would be very okay with that.

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