Oh, sorry. Wrong John Hughes. I will be totally upfront about this: I am a John Hughes fan. He is big and can stop the run. I am totally on board with re-signing him. Only… free agents? Can we try for some of those? I mean, maybe Thaddeus Lewis needs somebody to carry his clipboard. (Full disclosure: obviously, there is a descending clipboard hierarchy here, but it’s all the same clipboard. So, the backup QB carries the clipboard, unless he wants a break, when he hands it off to the #3 guy. The clipboard only contains one thing: the picture of an entirely different clipboard. Do not even think of putting anything else on the clipboard. Sorry, I lost my train of thought.)

There is clearly some kind of free agent master plan here. Perhaps Buster Skrine and Jabaal Sheard will wait until an opportune moment, then tear off their jerseys to reveal they were secretly Browns players all along. Of course, we aren’t playing the Jets or the Patriots, so maybe this plan isn’t as radical as I think it is. Unless we’re talking the super-long con.


EDIT: Oh yeah, we almost re-signed Jordan Cameron. Then we didn’t.



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