Brian Hartline joined the Browns for two years, $6 million. I have two main thoughts:

1) That is so stupidly cheap that even if he gets sucked into the Springfield Mystery Spot Cleveland comes out ahead.

2) Why is Hartline taking such a stupidly cheap deal?

Hartline is a Cleveland product (from Canton) and played for Ohio State, so maybe it’s a hometown discount. His numbers peg him as a good, but not great receiver. Maybe a #2 (with a top flight #1). If target/reception ratio is a thing, his is not good. It also looks like 2012 and 2013 were outliers.

All of this is not bad. He’s a decent receiver. The Browns have few of those. And again, it’s such a good deal that unless through a series of wacky mishaps he causes World War III or blows up the sun, there’s no downside.

Color me cautiously optimistic about this deal.

They’ve also tendered four players, the most important being safety Tashaun Gipson.

Now please, PLEASE, re-sign Buster Skrine.


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