Take THAT, Buffalo!

Cleveland makes a pair of blockbuster moves! They re-signed the fourth or fifth guy on the running back chart and the pretty okay punter. The link even has punter Spencer Lanning’s picture as he signs the contract! I was trying to read his facial expression: I think the best description is nonplussed. It’s not “YAAAAASSSS I’M BACK IN CLEVELAND!” or “Son of a bitch, I’m back in Cleveland.” It’s more “I am back in Cleveland. That has happened.”

I love how short the contract is too. It looks like maybe three lines? “Performance incentives: $500k any time your punt disembowels an opposing player. $250k for doing it to the opposing head coach. $150k for any coach below head coach. $50k for hitting the beer guy in the junk with one of your punts. Oh, and, uh, $50 for a coffin corner punt?”