How to prevent all hacking attacks ever

Gizmodo had this interesting article today. I found it apropos because I had a conversation with my wife today about my PayPal account and a random e-mail I got from the company that I needed to reset my password because somebody had been monkeying around. (No worries, no money changed hands. I think it was probably because I hardly ever use the account.) Anyway, she asked if changing our password (which I did) would prevent us from being hacked. I told her “probably not.” I’m sure no hacker is dumb enough to target me on purpose, but a lot of these attacks are more like looting a grocery store. The chances of one individual egg being broken are pretty low, but when there’s so much smashing and grabbing, well, I wouldn’t get too attached to Eggbert.

I am curious as to our resident security expert’s take on the article.


Another Buffalo Trade

The Bills have traded for Matt Cassel.

I like this deal. The Bills need a quarterback and the available free agents are pretty bad. Cassel isn’t fantastic but is serviceable as a backup.

Now, if the Bills get a good guard and maybe a tackle, and if they can coax Jerry Hughes back to be their fourth pass rusher, they are in good shape. I’d also like to see them get a good tight end, but that’s very unlikely.