Oh, Franchise Savior Josh McCown, I pity you

I have ridiculed the signing of McCown ad nauseam, but now I actually feel bad for him in this latest piece from Mary Kay Cabot.

“When I’ve been able to operate in a system that’s organized and been around for awhile like I did in 2013 with the Bears, I’ve been able to play at a high level.”

So, in other words, he’s predicting he’ll suck. Admittedly, two whole seasons with the same coach does seem like continuity for Cleveland, but hey, the next season hasn’t started yet. At least he understands his role.

“It’s always my mindset with any room that I go into as a quarterback, especially at this point in my career, just to help those guys that are in that room to be better, because it helps our team to be better,” he said. “I’ll give them the knowledge I have to help equip them. Obviously whatever the expectation is for Johnny or Connor, I just want them to know I’m there and to be able to help them any way I can. That’s the main thing.”

Of course, even he recognizes his talents are limited (bolded for emphasis):

“That’s what they can expect from me, once we get Flip’s system up and running, that I can manage a system, that I can get us in and out of the plays and take care of us at the line of scrimmage and give us a chance to be in the best play possible. We’ll run the football, but if they have to take that away, hopefully I’ll be able to attack a defense with the passing game and things we can do outside. That’s what i hope to bring to the table.”

His objective: to successfully call plays. It’s good to see that people have lofty goals for themselves.


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