Contract details for the Franchise Savior

McCown could earn up to $7 million dollars his first year with the team. All the guaranteed money is in the first year, which I think is fair. It’s a bit much to pay for a (hopefully) backup QB. McCown admits in the article that he’s partially there to instruct Manziel, but the author drops this two line bombshell to close out the article.

At $5.25 million for 2015, with a chance to make $2 million more this year, McCown comes to town as the current leading candidate to start this season.

But his signing won’t preclude the Browns from signing another veteran or drafting a top prospect.

loathe the sports storyline that “Player X is making a lot of money, therefore he should start.” I get why, from the owner’s perspective, it makes sense, but it’s such lazy sports journalism to make a claim like that, especially when you giftwrap the job for McCown despite Manziel still being on the roster and making a serious go of it, evidently.

Mary Kay Cabot is neither one of my favorite or least favorite beat writers for the Browns. She’s just kind of there.

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