While reading Mark Seemann’s book and after watching Jeremy Clark’s course on dependency injection, I was ready to introduce it in Paskala.  This enthusiasm turned into confusion, oh, about halfway into the project.  I had some ideas about what to do (and admit that I could very well be doing it wrong today), but wasn’t quite sure how to close the loop, so to speak.  This is where John Sonmez’s course on inversion of control in ASP.NET MVC came in handy.  In this course, Sonmez focuses on using an MVC application for his examples; this is in contrast to Clark, who uses WPF.  Sonmez walks through “poor man’s DI” and then discusses Unity and Ninject.  The latter part is particularly useful because I decided to use Ninject in my project, and I really just needed a boost to get started.  I recommend checking out these resources in the same order I did them:  read Seemann’s book, watch Clark’s course, watch Sonmez’s course.


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