Pluralsight Review: Dependency Injection On-Ramp

While reading Mark Seemann’s book on the topic, I decided to watch Jeremy Clark’s series on dependency injection.  I think that the combination of these two resources helped me understand dependency injection a lot better.  Clark starts off with a few sections using “poor man’s DI” to show us dependency injection in the context (primarily) of a WPF application.  One thing I like about this series is Clark’s use of the decorator pattern to implement a caching layer invisible to the rest of the application—this is something I will need to implement in the future and I’m glad I had a nice walkthrough on the topic.

Early Travel To Tampa

My original plan was to travel tomorrow morning to Tampa for SQL Saturday. Nature, apparently, has something else to say about it. The flight I originally had booked has been cancelled due to the threat of 8 inches of snow. Fortunately, I changed the flight this morning to go out tonight, before snow hits Raleigh-Durham. Now we’re just going to see if that flight takes off or if it gets cancelled like all the others.

Given the way the weather looks directly in my flight path, I could see this flight get scrubbed, leaving me a difficult choice of flying in Friday or cancelling. I definitely want to speak at SQL Saturday so I’m rooting for an uneventful trip to the airport.