You guys won’t have B. J. Upton to kick around anymore!

The hilarity of players randomly changing their names for no reason never gets old. Enter the Centerfielder Formerly Known as B. J. Upton. You are now legally required to call him Melvin Upton, Jr. I don’t know how this will help the vortex of suck that is his bat, but I have a suspicion.

Mevin Upon

Mvin Up


You’re welcome, Kevin.


SQL injection vulnerabilities were up in 2014.  Sounds like a bunch of product managers need to buy copies of Tribal SQL and read the SQL injection chapter.  Seriously, SQL injection should have died a decade ago and my presentation on the topic should simply have historical value.

On the Anthem breach, Chris Bell is fed up as well.  Check out the comments there for additional insight.  There’s no word yet on the exact nature of the breach, but given the frequency with which data gets out into the wild, someone else will get popped next week.