Pluralsight Review: Play By Play: Azure Deployment With Scott Hanselman

My first Play By Play was a doozy.  In this one, Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman move the This Developer’s Life podcast site to Azure.  I was particularly interested in this because I had just started using Azure myself, so I wanted to see what they did.

Although the nature of this move was different than mine, I still picked up an excellent tip.  For Paskala, I had set up as a CNAME to redirect to my website.  I wanted to do the same with but my web host (Webfaction, an excellent host I highly recommend) does not allow the same domain to have a CNAME as well as the ability to handle e-mail.

My hacky solution was to have Webfaction host a tiny site that does a 302 redirect to  Hanselman’s solution, however, is the correct one:  create an A record pointing to the relevant Azure IP address.  That way, Webfaction handles e-mails to but HTTP(S) requests to go to Azure and all is well.

This is the big thing I learned from that hour-long talk, and that simple point was absolutely worth the talk for me.  I would also recommend this session to show what a top-notch presentation looks like; the two speakers bounce off of each other really well, but the graphics are incredible and it feels like a film.