Pluralsight Review: Mastering C# 4.0

My first Pluralsight course was a doozy:  Jon Skeet (plus assistance from Rob Conery) on Mastering C# 4.0.  This course weighs in at nearly 12 hours, and I watched probably a third of it in total.  I have a pretty fair amount of experience with C#, so I focused mostly on the more advanced topics and the things which came out since C# 3.5.

This is an outstanding series for C# developers at all levels.  I already had some  knowledge of delegates, lambdas, and anonymous types, but Skeet + Conery really solidified that knowledge and made LINQ look a lot less scary in the process.  I have always had some level of trepidation with LINQ simply because the Intellisense looks so scary and generic.  It didn’t help that I also had no clue what Func and Action really meant.  Skeet explained these very well, pointing out that the only difference between a Func and an Action is that a Func returns a value (whose type is defined in the last parameter), while an Action returns void.

I very highly recommend this series, and they definitely earned 5 stars.